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Hackers targeting construction firms on the rise

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We write about recent events in cyber security, and highlight information and articles that are relevant to the Sunshine Coast region.The number of attacks on construction firms with spear phishing…

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We help Sunshine Coast businesses to find & fix their cyber security problems, and to recover after cyber incidents.

New cyber security threats emerge every day, threatening Sunshine Coast businesses and organisations. Our team of technology specialists, analysts, and cyber security professionals was formed to assist local Sunshine Coast & South-East QLD regional businesses, helping to identify risks, secure themselves against modern threats and vulnerabilities, and recover their business after an attack.

Cyber Security testing

Our cyber security consultants can ensure your digital and physical systems are proactively secured.

Ethical Hacking.

Penetration testing of new and existing software is the perfect way to identify unknown vulnerabilities.

Security Research.

By examining systems used in day to day operation, we can identify if anything has known problems.

Data Forensics.

We can conduct an analysis and report on how a system has been accessed for evidence or reporting.

Attack Simulation.

We can test how your digital systems react to simulated spear phishing, hacking, and malicious activity.

Planning and compliance

We help ensure your systems are secure and compliant, and assist with reporting and recovery if an attack happens.

Risk Assessment.

We’ll chart potential risks, and help take action by developing safeguards and recovery strategies.


We can ensure you are compliant with Australia’s standards and methods, such as ISO and Essential Eight.

Recovery Planning.

Recovery after an attack is possible, and it all begins with good policies and effective preparedness.

OAIC Reporting.

If you’ve been hacked, we can help with compliance reporting to customers and the Australian OAIC.

Business solutions

We can train teams to be reactive to cyber threats, as well as test, report on, and insure vulnerable systems.

Strategy Consulting.

Gain strategic guidance on your firm’s cyber security from our diverse team of experts and researchers.

Management Intel.

Want to know what to prioritise? We can identify and report on vulnerable systems that need hardening.

Cyber Insurance.

We can help insure your cyber security by connecting you with an insurance brokerage provider.

Security Monitoring.

We can develop services that monitor important systems, and lock them down when an attack happens.

We help stop Sunshine Coast firms from becoming a statistic.

Learn your vulnerabilities before someone else does.

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